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"We Crossed Paths"

Limited addition Just Married two owl pathtag  Tag #45097 - Birds of a Feather

What is a Pathtag?

Pathtags are personal trading items. Used most often in Geocaching. They are collectible and trade-able for other tags.  If you found a pathtag it is yours to keep and collect. Geocachinig is a free international game where you hunt and find hidden objects by means of GPS coordinates posted on Geocaching.com The APP and to start playing right away is all free! To learn more just go to their website. 

I have a "Just Married" Tag

Congratulations. If you are logging this tag - you were just married by Rev Pam in Chicagoland, IL USA or you are a  Deco club member with special trade options.  To my couples: Best wishes and many years of love. You are two birds of a feather and "We Crossed Paths". I hope this tag starts a fun new hobby the two of you can do together.  

 Congratulations. CLICK TAG FOR MORE.