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Rev Pam Geocaching before a wedding ceremony in Chicago, IL USA #geocache

Rev Pam, The Geocaching Wedding Officiant (aka. PAMag76) has been geocaching since July 29, 2017, Has completed 377 days streak in a row, and hidden over 50 cache and found over 3,000 geocache, all while performing over 150 wedding ceremonies every year. She is a local favorite wedding officiant rated 5 Star by her couples, and the only wedding officiant in the state of Illinois who can perform weddings in her private home, Pine Manor The Hold your geo-wedding event at her manor with up to 30 guests, or this Geocaching Wedding Officiant will travel to you. Just send her the coords. (especially if it gets a new souvenir) Pine Manor is the geo-wedding headquarters and offers a romantic 1920s charm and suburban hospitality located in the NW Suburbs of Chicago. 

N 42° 03.535 W 087° 56.354


GET MARRIED AT PINE MANOR CHICAGO. Destination Wedding Chapel. Geocache Wedding Headquarters. Rated 5 Star by hundreds of couples, Rev Pam has many wedding packages to choose from. She is willing to do what ever you dream up to make your geo-wedding fun, exciting and give everyone a smiley. AND she will hide a geocache in your honor to be your FTF as a married couple. With custom written ceremonies to reflect your love and passion. Rev PAMag76 will create the perfect custom ceremony and Geo-experience for you. BTW. There's a cache at the hotel too! :)

Collectors "Just Married" Pathtag

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Wedding Officiant Chicago and Geocacher PAMag76 offers a themed wedding and a small wedding venue for your geocache wedding. Hide the ring at her Pine Manor garden venue and give your partner the coordinates. Get discount overnight lodging and restaurants from Rev Pam's Hunt Rev Pam's cache hides and log in her one-of-a-kind "Just Married" Pathtag when she performs your wedding ceremony. Discover her Trackables below. Your location or hers. Packages start at $225 

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Best of the Best 2018


Wedding and Party Network Rated Rev Pam's weddings best of the best for 2018.

Couple's Choice 2018


2018 best couple's choice award for Wedding Officiant & small wedding Venue.

Best Wedding Officiant 2019


Voted top wedding officiant and small wedding venue 2019 by Expertise. 


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My Geocache Videos

My Trackable - Gretta Garbo Cache Is the star in this video!

Skuzzy13 3K! D3.5 T4.5 GC53VA0

In Case You Geo-Missed It! 

My Hides


An Ammo Can From "Giga"  by PAMag76 | GC7QNV5 | Illinois  

31 and Counting  by PAMag76 | GC7FWPB | Illinois  

Get Well Bill  by PAMag76 | GC7FJZG | Illinois  

I'm on the Rail - Pizza or Ribs? Can't Decide.  by PAMag76 | GC7GQH7 | Illinois 

History Of The S - North End  by PAMag76 | GC7FAHY | Illinois  

History Of The S - First Curve  by PAMag76 | GC7FAJT | Illinois  

History Of The S - Curve Two  by PAMag76 | GC7FAKN | Illinois  

 Pathtag Heaven
by PAMag76 | GC7TTXG | Illinois  

 Frankly, My Dear, You Need To Raise Your Numbers 7
by PAMag76 | GC7YBB5 | Illinois  

 Frankly, My Dear, You Need To Raise Your Numbers 8
by PAMag76 | GC7YBB7 | Illinois  

 Frankly, My Dear, You Need To Raise Your Numbers 9
by PAMag76 | GC7YBBB | Illinois  


Sergeant Bill First Class  by PAMag76 | GC7FYAG | Illinois  

Weller Actions Speak Louder Then Words...  by PAMag76 | GC7J07Z | Illinois


Creepy Clown Mall  by PAMag76 | GC7GMWV | Illinois   

PAMag76 Birthday Hide #1  by PAMag76 | GC7HPP6 | Illinois  

PAMag76 Birthday Hide #2  by PAMag76 | GC7HPPJ | Illinois  

PAMag76 Birthday Hide #3  by PAMag76 | GC7HRG9 | Illinois   

 The Mimic Octopus
by PAMag76 | GC7TV02 | Illinois  

 A Field With a Lamp Post
by PAMag76 | GC7TTZN | Illinois  

 The Book Of Trackables
by PAMag76 | GC7TTY1 | Illinois 

 Frankly, My Dear, You Need To Raise Your Numbers 5
by PAMag76 | GC7YBB0 | Illinois  

 Frankly, My Dear, You Need To Raise Your Numbers 6
by PAMag76 | GC7YBB3 | Illinois  

 Fishing for a Cache
by A PAMag76 Hide with ScrlttOhra | GC803RG  

 365 Day Streak Challenge - The Magic Number
by PAMag76 | GC81JAR | Illinois  

 Getting Old Sucks  by PAMag76 | GC7PD3N | Illinois  

Dache for the Year End Cache 2017  by PAMag76 | GC7GGV1 | Illinois  

Pick Up Your Prescription Here  by PAMag76 | GC7G2HA | Illinois  

Judy, Judy... Judy  by PAMag76 | GC7KVNG | Illinois   

Swag Monster of The NW Suburbs  by PAMag76 | GC7QNR1 | Illinois  

Cache as Easy as a Picnic in Owen Park  by PAMag76 | GC7FYAV | Illinois  

Reflecting on Busse Park Parking  by PAMag76 | GC7FYBA | Illinois 

 Frankly, My Dear, You Need To Raise Your Numbers 1
by PAMag76 | GC7YBAE | Illinois 

Frankly, My Dear, You Need To Raise Your Numbers 2
by PAMag76 | GC7YBAP | Illinois  

Frankly, My Dear, You Need To Raise Your Numbers 3
by PAMag76 | GC7YBAQ | Illinois  

 Frankly, My Dear, You Need To Raise Your Numbers 4
by PAMag76 | GC7YBAW | Illinois 

 Streak in the Artic cold
by PAMag76 | GC8318F | Illinois 

 Streak in the Artic Cold Mundelein 



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